Monday, July 2

Weekend memories

Well back in Oslo it it time to give some thoughts from last weekend´s workshop at AnneKatharina´s Palace at Flemsøya . My responsibility was to get the jacuzzi up and running after the winter sleep. This image is one of the evidence from that work, and although I had some startup challenges, we made it possible to take a bath in +39C although the external temp was around +10C
 In the Ocean-view-room one of my paintings is still on the wall, and I am happy that late Asbjørn wanted that work as a decoration among other more professional artists.
 The sunset over the Atlantic Ocean was as beautiful as always. (depending on the weather of course )
In the center of the photo, and as close to the ocean as possible "Eidet" (or "Øya" as we call it) is situated. The ferry brings us from the islands and back to the mainland and a ten hours cartrip to Oslo. Hopefully this was NOT the last visit, and we promise AnneKath that we will line up for future required workshops so she can keep the beautiful  place up and running, (and a gathering venue for the old bunch).

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Bloggen din er veldig interessant til meg. Jeg skal tilbake dit.
Hilsen Judyta