Tuesday, July 24

Handicrafts on a "summer" day

 Today I restarted my bread-baking activity.
In years we have bought our daily bread at United Bakeries, but this morning I decided to reopen my home-bakery which was an ordinary activity when Tullen was in active employment and I was a pensioner after the medical challenges connected to Hearth and Kidney Transplantation.
Compared to the prices of buying bread we save 75% by this baking, and the taste is phenomenal
Another handicraft activity during these rainy summer days has been Tullen´s knitting for the winter season in Swansea for Hedda. Her wool and silk dress and her matching hat will be great in the chilly Cymraeg climate.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Jøss det brødet så godt ut Arne, flik du :-)

Søte Hedda som skal holde seg varm gjennom vinteren å, trivelig.

Håper dere har gode dager i Tullarbo, ja åsså litt bedre vær enn oss :-)

Hils konemor så masse, og godklem til begge herfra.