Monday, July 30

Amusement park for Maja and family

 Tusenfryd is an amusement park for adults and grown up children but also with possibilities for smaller children. The Loop was nothing for Maja (3 years), but daddy Tor Marius can be seen in one of the wagons above.
 Maja started in an airplane and from that moment renamed The red Baron
 Together with mom Rikke Maja also moved high up in the skies in this green carousel basket.
 This is not a Harley Davidson but Bente and Per Arne in Engelsviken have to look carefully when the MC groups come together. Maybe Maja will show up on a Honda Goldwing in some years.
The last photo shows Rikke and Maja driving a car fully describing how fun it is to swap an ordinary kindergarten day with family fun at Tusenfryd,

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