Monday, September 10

Oslo west, a green city

This is an interesting image of "Western Uranienborg" in Oslo.
You see the "Inner Golden Triangle area" behind the Royal Castle from Oscarsgate (named after king Oscar the first) at the right to Gyldenløvesgate (named after U.F. Gyldenløve) and Arno Bergs Square to the left at the lower part of the photo.

At the top the photo follow Professor Dahls Gate (named after the painter I.C.Dahl.) from to the left at Vestkanttorvet to the right where the famous Homansbyen and Josephinesgate (named after Queen Josefine of Norway and Sweden) can be found.

Most interesting is to see all the green areas among the streets and houses. Also the green areas / or vegetation in the backyards can bee seen.

You may see similar images of your own neighborhood if downloading Satellite Eyes.

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