Wednesday, September 26

Veritas Pensjonistforening 30 years

On June 14. 1864 Det Norske Veritas was established as a Ship Classification Society and a Member Club for Norwegian shipowners. Their ships should be classified and valued by the society and recorded in an annual Register.
Basis for classification a new uniform building rules was issued, and the principle was that DNV should be a non-profitmaking centre for the insurance clubs.

The development of the society from 1864 to present, is a history of technical challenges, strong personal managers and a market need for professional third party services within risk management. The process between 1864 and 1989 is covered in the book Anchor and Balance.

In 1982 the Veritas Society for Pensioners was established and yesterday 165 Norwegian pensioners (of a total of over 400) was gathered at Høvik for a lunch together withe the President and CEO, Henrik Madsen. He promised us that in 2014 we would celebrate the 150th anniversary together on the 14th of June, so hereby the date is registered in my calendar.
In the meantime good friends and colleagues (like Inger and Rolf on the photo) will meet at a variety of activities (dinners, tours and lunch presentations) together with spouses.

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