Saturday, May 4

Traveling to London with SAS and further on

After 83 minutes departure delay at Oslo Airport this morning due to malfunctioned airplane, the pilots made a great effort to catch up and was scheduled to arrive London Heathrow only 49 minutes after estimated arrival time.
However, that was without unexpected delay at Heathrow.
Circling 4 times north east of London before getting admitted to line up for landing ate up all the saved time plus a little more. Traveling to London with SAS can be a challenge.
When grounded at Heathrow as seen on this image from , the pace to get the luggage and the National Express bus bound for South Wales became another stressing challenge.

Swansea is far away.

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RuneE said...

Det skal ikke være lett :-)
Prøvde British Airways (fra Bergen)i høst med gode erfaringer. God Tur!