Wednesday, May 15

An ordinary Wednesday or ???

It is probably not an ordinary Wednesday when a bomb threat was announced outside the Norwegian Treasury in Oslo. However, the suspect bag contained only cloths and personal equipments and our emergency and security personnel  did a professional job.
 More ordinary we may call the visits at the harbor when the newly built (2005) swedish East Indies Ship Gøtheborg could be seen at the Oslo harbor.
 18th century ship is in full 1:1 scale without any of the original drawings. Tomorrow the crew invites citizens of Oslo to come onboard and see the ship
However, before 17th of May I want to give all my blog readers a warning. Take care of your valuables on the Constitution Day on Friday. A lot of pickpockets are around in the city; around the children parade and in various cafes and restaurants. This warning at our local "fru B" is seriously meant.

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RuneE said...

Jeg la merke til at den advarselen sto godt synlig diverse steder sentralt i Oslo sist jeg var der. Men jeg overlevde :-)