Monday, May 27

Munch at the Cottage

This morning I received my new book telling about the life and works of the Norwegian great painter Edvard Munch. The book is in a way a biography of Munch, and an illustration of Munch´s background and process when creating some of the world´s most fantastic paintings.
The front page of the book which is a 270 pages "comic strips" by Steffen Kverneland produced by No Comprendo Press. A great book about how the genius Munch lived and worked in the artist bohemian environments in Kristiania (Oslo), Berlin and Paris.
I have myself made many paintings imitating the originals by Munch. Partly as training for the painting art itself, and partly to decorate the walls at my cottage. These three paintings are "copies" of: "Summer Night / The Voice" from 1893, "Ashes" from 1894 and the portrait of "Hans Jæger" from 1889 (here presented as my self portrait.)
On the wall in our "living room" Munch´s "The day after" from 1894 are placed together with some of my other paintings.
Kverneland´s drawings and text are a great experience, and the book-price 350NOK gives absolute a return of investment.

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