Thursday, June 13

Iceland, Art on our journey Blogpost number 1800

I cannot tell you that I made any priority to visit the different Icelandic art galleries during our stay at the island. However, when traveling and walking around there were always some artworks that had to be photographed and thus copied into this last presentation about our visit to Iceland.
The first image is a painting by Nihil Kirsh called Geysir Bistro 42 x 60 oil on canvas. Prize 150.000 IKR. A very good composition and excellent use of colors. I was nearly to buy it myself, but transport to Norway by airplane made a challenge so I recommended the painting to a professor at Bifrost U.
The group of musicians outside the "Perlan" is called "The dance", but we thought it more descriptive should have the title: "Anorexia". The sculpture is made by Torbjørg Palsdottir
The next image is a poster made by an unknown artist. The beautiful and delicate color combination met me in a window at Reykjavik and reminded me immediately of the Norwegian artist Gunn Vottestad. It also reminds me of the Borgarnes image from yesterday blogpost.

 Another poster or maybe city art was this presentation of Tie Knots outside a clothing shop for men.
I did not buy any tie there, but my new marine blue Bugatti Cap was acquired at G.E.sf.
On our way from the restaurant Snaps to Ølstofan down Skolvørdurtigurthis this sculpture had to be immortalized.

At Reykholt graveyard this sculpture was placed. The virtualizing of running Lava was however so spectacular that a presentation here became obvious. Sorry, I did not register the artist.
The last sculpture we found at Borg a Myrum, Egill Skalagrimsson´s birth place. Made by Åsmundur Sveinsson which as you can see, was very much influenced by Henry Moore.

This blog post is my number 1800. I hope you sometimes go back in my blogging history from march 2005 (first years only in Norwegian) and find interesting photos and information from my last 8 years in Bloglandia. My english blogposts started in January 2008 and have continued so for over 5 years.

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