Sunday, June 9

Iceland, Day 1 - Blue Lagoon and getting acquainted with 101 Reykjavik

 Visiting Iceland as part of a tourist group normally start with a swim in the Blue Lagoon. So also for us. The weather was however not very good on Monday 3rd, so photos from the swimming bodies cannot be shown.
An image from outside the geothermal spa is the best I can deliver. As you see the lagoon is not as blue as the raincoat of my wife.
 Well settled down at the hotel it is time for looking at the city for us urban people.
My friends at fru B told us to taste the "Svarti Daudi" when visiting Iceland. I did, and can agree that too much of that  "Brennivin" is an extreme sport with high risk factor. The Viking beer however can be recommended.
 We had a recommended list given by prof Erikur B of places to visit during our stay in Reykjavik. "Snaps" at Odin-quare was a nice place for an afternoon drink, but the menu looked ok if you feel for some food too.
 If only thirsty the "Ølstofa" between the two main shopping streets is an interesting location. Their homemade "Brio" was nice, and the barmaid told us that people came to the pub mainly for that beer.
The last recommendation of relaxing location in Reykjavik must bee "Forretta Barinn" where you also can see and probably buy paintings like these on the wall by the British artist Kirsh.
The locations had different exteriors and this house covered an Italian restaurant. Reykjavik 101 is a place where you can do most of what you can do in every catitals around the world. Try it.

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