Friday, June 21

Removing of Writer´s block?

A Month ago I posted in my blog some of the paintings I had made and put on the walls at our cottage. These were old works, but suitable for decoration in the Munch-year 2013
Coming so close to these paintings I soon discovered that some of them had to be further processed in a better way.
The first painting that had to be somewhat changed was "The Voice / Summer night " signed by Munch in 1893.

In this version I have slimmed the lady´s upper body and made the beach lighter in the moonshine.

The second work that became repainted was  "Love and Pain" / "The Vampire" first signed by Munch in 1894, but presented in many versions in years to come.
My version is now perhaps too "clean" but my first version from autumn 2008 was more a sketch.  Munch shall in 1933 have said that:  "The title "Vampire" is really what gives the painting a literary image. Actually, it's just a woman kissing a man in the neck"
My painting has now replaced the yellow restaurant painting to the left of the "living room" wall.

Working with these two paintings is the first painting activity I have had since autumn 2011, and in that year I only produced 2.  It felt really good and maybe the "Writer´s block" in you can say so, is removed and more paintings will develop during the summer this year.

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