Tuesday, November 5

Fighting National Team in Shuffleboard

As you possible have understood the activities at Sunnaas is ongoing from early mornings till late evenings. This Tuesday it all started at 7.45 am when the engineering works outside my window wake me up. The job to build a new part of the hospital is going on in parallel with the care for patients.
After sore treatment the aerobic take place. In old days we would called it morning gymnastic, and it is really nice after a long night in bed.
Then the lunch group is training to handle kitchen works. Today the menu was Ham Gratin. Can be recommended. (see my FaceBook for recipe)
 After lunch the free activity in the physic room and some painting in the ergo room filled up every minute of the afternoon. Half an hour to relax after dinner was absolute necessary for the evening highlight; Fighting the National Team in Shuffleboard.
The competition ended with victory for the professional National Team and the group of patients also came behind the employee team on the result list, but we had a nice time with exiting games and a lot of fun.

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