Friday, November 1

Visiting my home for the first time in 3 months

After 3 months in hospital I am tonight visiting my "old home" and will tomorrow se my "new apartment" for the first time.
My left leg is now in a condition that gives me free form the hospital routines for one night, and the physical conditions are acceptable for climbing staircases and visiting a restaurant at Aker Brygge for a Lutefisk dinner. The traditional drinks following the dinner must be a bit reduced but hopefully on another day this can also be included.
The old apartment are now sold to a family that look forward to move inn and we wish them god luck and many happy years here. We have stayed hare for almost 30 years and will of course be a bit sorry when leaving, but the times are a´changing for us as well.


Anonymous said...

Lykke til videre!!

Hilsen Bente.

RuneE said...

""All the best"!