Friday, July 11

Dinners for a Grass Widower

This week my wife is in Lewes, England. My daughter and her husband are in Amsterdam, Holland in friends wedding, and some competent relatives (my wife) are taking care of the three children.

In situations like this the "Grass Widower" must do the best of self cooking or having dinners at restaurants. I choose to do both this week.

 One dish was a simple leftover from last Sunday which again was a leftover from the family dinner last week. Fried sausages together with fried leeks and Rutabaga / Swedes.
 Today I made a fish soup with extra vegetables (carrot and cauliflower ), lots of Salmon and shrimps.
However, the great Mussels at Tekehtopa at St. Olav square, Oslo can not be matched by an amateur so it may well be dinner here (or lunch) for tomorrow too.

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