Wednesday, July 30

Crime Writers and Whiskey

In August 2008 I posted a blog about the Crime Wrighter Ian Rankin and his books about the Whisky drinking detective John Rebus. Since then I have discovered a Swedish Crime Writer that in some small passages in his book about the OPCOP (The Whisper Game) reminded me about that blogpost.
As long as the taste of the 21 year old Highland Park lasted ............
Not only has Arne Dahl ( or Jan Arnandwrote about the Whisky taste, but he also take my present TOP favourite single malt brand into his pages. Some years ago I liked the Tallisker  best between the single malts,
but now Highland Park is ranged at the top. The bearded viking must be tried.
This chart may help you in finding the right Whisky for your sophisticated palate. I have found mine.

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