Sunday, June 14

Svalbard, Day one - Longyearbyen

I will in the coming four blogposts try to give you some of our experiences from our days at Svalbard this week by presenting interesting images taken with my iPhone 6.
 This shows a Warning sign with a special layout made for Svalbard; a white Polar Bear on black background. The only traffic sign made like this in the world.
We did not see any Polar Bear alive in the terrain (only Svalbard Raindeer, Seals and Birds) but both at the airport (as this) and in the Svalbard Museum this great predator is presented.
The city Longyearbyen was a negative experience this time of the year. Grey and dusty with dirty snow remains. However the landscape is fantastic and your cameras could find motives all around.

One of the places to be visited is the Gallery Svalbard where you may see many excellent paintings made by the Norwegian artist Kaare Tveter. Outside the gallery the typical Longyearbyen houses can be seen together with the old mining arrangements up in the hillside.
I come back to the Svalbard Museum (recommended to visit) with the last photo from day one. A coal miner´s room and my wife. Maybe she would like to stay over wintertime in one of these and hope for a living bear.

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