Sunday, June 14

Svalbard, Day four - Nordenskiøld-glacier and Pyramiden (almost)

We had chosen a second boat trip on day four. Perhaps not the best choice, because of the almost ten hours tour, but beautiful nature and dramatic situations made the day one of the greatest memories
We left Longyearbyen and the Adventfjord (The name probably derives from the English whaling ship "Adventure", which was stationed in Isfjorden in 1656), and entered the great Isfjorden with the mountain peaks on the port side and north west.
During the more two hours voyage to the end of the fjord we passed bird cliffs like this.

This is the Russian settlement Pyramien.
Read the information about Pyramiden by clicking on the link. Due to heavy ice condition that is also the only information and photos I have.

On the way to the glacier our crew had to pick up a female guide from the coastline. She had been on a week holiday together with some English tourists, and was expected back to Longyearbyen for work. This is typical. Tourist boats are the only transportation in addition to helicopters here.
Coming closer to the glacier the ice became thicker and thicker. Our boat was no icebreaker, but managed fine in this area.
Nordenskiöldbreen is named after the Finnish geologist Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1832–1901), and is 25 km long and 11 km wide
With the flag of the Faroe Island astern we the started to play icebreaker toward Pyramiden.
The ice became so thick that the boat at last came to a complete stop. Not coming further and only with difficulties been able to get us out of the heavy ice condition. The ice was more than 50 cm thick and increased towards the coast and settlement.
So therefore if you want to know more of Pyramiden go back to the Wikipedia link and read.
Soon after coming free and leaving the ice at Pyramiden, one of our friends got a medical problem and we had to call for emergency help. After about 30 minutes a helicopter with doctor arrived and could take the patient with them to the hospital in Longyearbyen. Luckily he recovered rapidly but was later moved by medic plain to Tromsø for more investigation.
The mountains at Isfjorden are really beautiful and the formation very spectacular. You have to see for understanding.
At last we could experience the real Midnight Sun.

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