Sunday, June 14

Svalbard, Day Three - Exploring Longyearbyen with surroundings

 Day three started with a wandertng along the Burmaroad which goes from the old coal shipping area and back to the center. When walking outside the center the inhabitants always are armed with guns in case of meeting a polar bear. So were in addition to dogs, the two guides we had with us
Today the coal is transported with lorries, but in previous times these ropeways  were full of coal from the mines to the harbour. If you have seen the Norwegian movie Orion´s Belt, you will remember these buckets which saved the hero´s life.
One of the most popular restaurants or cafes in Longyearbyen is "Kroa". We had a great lunch here this day. In the evening it is crowded and all tables reserved for dinner.
 In the middle of the pedestrian zone in Longyearbyen there is this statue of the old miner, and we had to document that we had been there.
 The dinner for this night took place 10km north of Longyearbyen at Camp Barentz in the Arctic Wilderness. On the road to this camp we passet this colony of Common Eider. We were told that the birds gathered here during the nesting periode to be safe from the bears and protected by the dogs close by.
 The drinks and dinner at Camp Barentz was great, and so was the external of the outhouse.
On the way back to the civilisation at eleven the midnight sun started to explore over the mountains to the northwest.

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