Monday, April 4

Sunday pitstops

Sunday morning we woke up to a temperature around + 10 degrees.
A perfect day of beach along strolling.
First the bus to Torreblanka ( no bus to Carvajal on Sundays) then walking to the Chiringuito Oasis for a water (con gas) and a coffee Americano con saccarino.
 Then starting on the 6.5 km walk against the wind back home to our hotel. The temp had already increased to 15 degree.
 At the restaurant "Talk of the Town" we made our first pitstop. The WiFi is functioning very well here, and the small beer is good. As the sun became stronger the temperature at the table was >25
 Next stop was at Chiringuito El Cargo where we also enjoyed a small lunch of grilled Sole.
Our last pitstop this Sunday was at a new discovery "Bar Parasol" close to the Mosque in Fuengirola where their Vino Rosado can be recommended.

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