Sunday, April 10

Visiting Benalmadena Pueblo

Yesterday we copied many other long stay friends here at Costa del Sol when we for the first time visited the nice village Benalmadena Pueblo. We had been told a lot about the beautiful place and can after this Saturday visit confirm that it is a place to return too.

In the midle of the village we found Plaza Espana and the famous Restaurant Plaza that can be recommended for delicious tapas.
In the narrow streets the flowers are everywhere.

We had hoped to use the bus from the Pueblo to Arroyo de la Miel but we could not find where to go and the people we were talking to only said that we had to climb up the street once more. We therefore decided to walk downhill towards the beaches. That too became a challenge during the 3,5 km road more suited for Aamodt Kilde and his friends,  than my legs.
But the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus had never bee seen if not choosing this way.

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