Sunday, April 3

Puerto Banus April 2016

At least once during our stay at Costa del Sol we visit the richen`s playground "Puerto Banus".
Walking along the harbour streets and visiting one of the restaurants have been a tradition as documented many times in this blog.
Last week Saturday was no exception in that tradition.

Commenting on every image is probably of no interest for my readers, but if there are something which need to be elaborated, please use the comment field and let me know.
As well known many of the fashion companies har their own buildings in Banus
A Lamborghini car is of course parked outside one of the shops.
 The coastline further southwest towards San Pedro
 Sone windows of Fashion Brands are passed by by my wife but others are of a greater interest.
The yellow dress in this window had a prize tag of nearly 40.000 NOK. 12.000 nok more than the green stripe long dress.

One of the reason for this Saturday visit to Banus was to have a lunch with my sister Gerd, but why is a glass of white wine prized to 4,50 Euro here and 2.20 Euro in Fuengirola

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