Sunday, April 23

Adios Fuengirola, Hasta Luego en Septiembre

Then it is time to say goodbye to Fuengirola for this winter / spring and return to the coming spring in Norway.

During the last days we had to return to places visited earlier, but that fill us with so many memories that they deserve another place in this blogpost.

First the walkpath along the Coast of Mijas (Mijas Costa). About 5 km going all the way to Marbella (Elviria). There is only one challenge. The unfinished wooden path of ab. one km where toy have to walk in sand or the trafic road. In the background of the picture you can see the tower of Calahonda where this sandy challenge occur.

In La Cala de Mijas there are several good restaurants and this spring we discovered a new one (expensive?) called Olivia´s La Cala where the sea view is great.

Another place can be found higher up where Mijas Pueblo  (a beautiful white village) gives an astonishing view of the long coastal line and even Gibraltar and Africa in the background. Many nice viewpoints up there where even the Norwegian Prime Minister sent a message to the Norwegian peolple during this year Easter.

The Easter Parades in Spain are something you have to experience, at least once. We have seen many both in Malaga City and in Fuengirola, but this fleet carried by young school children in Fuengirola on Easter Tuesday was new to us.

On Good Friday the Spanish people eat fish, and so did we on the Easter Thursday for testing La Farola´s Cod Pisto (Ratatouille). Great. It is only served on these days so we were lucky having dinner there that day too.

When Easter arrives, many of our friends leave Fuengirola. Here are our appartment neighbours Lillian and Knut ready to travell back to their cabin at Trysil together with our nice hotel restaurant weiters Javier and Antonio.

We also have to say goodbye to the hotel cat Amina. She has been our friend for many years and likes to stay in our patio during daytime.

An afternoon Cava at Gali Gali is also included in the procedures before leaving, and I hope you all can imagin the warm climate and relaxed attitude after eight weeks at Costa del Sol.

The sun is setting during our walk back to Myramar; our second home. It is over for this time but get ready for blogposts from Spain in the autumn when we see the Pyrenees from the oposite airplane direction in September.

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