Monday, April 3

Sunglases and heavenly stripes

Presenting photos of my wife is perhaps a boaring experience for you to look at.
However it is a standard procedure to document where we are at some certain time.
Therefore you once more (if interested) have to see some of the images taken so far at Costa del Sol spring 2017
NB! All images are with the most in color for sunglases this year - Blue -.
At Chiringito Gali Gali 26th of February
In Malaga City 1st of March.
In Sierra Nevada on the 6th of March

In Frigliana on 7th of March

In Puerto Banus on 9th of March
At restaurante La Farola on 25th of March
At Taperia La Cepa on 2nd of April
But at last for the fun of it, and for thouse of you more interested in other things, an image of the afternoon sky on March 30th. Airplanes coming to and returning from the cities in western Marocco.

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Ellisiv Stifoss-Hanssen said...

Dear Arne and Tullen! It's inspirational to ser how you embrace life and keep your marrage blossoming 🌺 But I have a question, do you also write in Norwegians some time? It woud be really interesting to see your reflections on the gifts and challanges that comes with the gift of being a organ recipient. Best wishes for a great future for the both of you❣️Ellisiv