Sunday, April 9

Photos from last week activities

Once again we went off to Malaga City for some other experiences than we can get here in Fuengirola.

This time we moved behind the Plaza del Toros and discovered the beautiful area and beaches east of La Malagueta; La Caleta, with the spectecular villas up on the hillside. We also took some photos of the beaches.

First the photographer herself

and then the image result from her iPhone. You can see the port and the lighthouse far away.

We also discovered the alternative to our present hotel; Myramar Fuengirola, when we found Gran Hotel Miramar Malaga. A 5 Stars De Lux establishment with room prices up to 450 Euro pr night. Fantastic.

The building
was the masterpiece of the architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan and it was inaugurated after five years of construction in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII under the name “Hotel Príncipe de Asturias”.
Its facilities were used as a field hospital during the Spanish Civil War to tend to the injured.
At the end of the Spanish Civil War, the palace reopened its doors and regained some of its old functions under the name “Hotel Miramar” until 1967, which is when it closed its doors. 
The building was Malaga’s Palace of Justice until 2007, completely transforming its activity and spaces to adapt to its new role.
10 years later the building once more opened its doors for hotel guests, so you are free to experience the luxury as seen HERE

Between the old city and Plaza del Toros Malaga city has developed a great garden "Paseo Parque and Paseo Espana" between heavy trafic in both directions.

Exotic plants and trees, quiet places with running water and golden fishes swimming in pools.

A short way to Centro Pompidou Malaga

Well, every blogpost has an end. This time I add on with a photo of the delishious fish dish served by La Farola,

a personal image of the blogger NOT following the football match between Real and Atletico (result 1 - 1) but enjoying one of the Saturday tapas when touring Los Boliches.

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