Saturday, July 7

New painting style.

Is it true that an artist must find his own expression to be known and interested in the art marked. Is it necessary to develope a specific style that people immediately recognize as "that is he or her", or kan you work in different styles in the same periode and still be valuable.

Anyway, in this blog I present some of my latest paintings that have been well received and liked by friends and people on FaceBook, and even resulted in  a clear message : "that painting I want!!"

Lately I went back to the primory colors: Red, Yellow and Blue plus Black and White (all colors and no colors) and tried out the effect these colors had on eachother, and more interresting the effect when combining them to black and white. In the summer night in my last blogpost I even used the secondary color Green.

On the painting above "The wall painter" I made the figure paint red on a black surfice. To get the figure in the foreground I made him yellow.

In this painting "Home from Shopping" I made the yellow indicate light in the end of a narrow street with dark walls, and the near figure white.
In this painting "Nightwalk in Budapest" a lonely man with a stick moves into the night represented by a dark blue sky.

The last painting in this blogpost is in a way Op Art.
That means that how you see the image is dependent of how you focus on the picture. If focusing on the black starry sky you may see the Orion´s Belt, but may be also a black monster coming against you. If focusing on the blue colors the buildings along the street "Gran Via in Madrid" may be easier to recognize.

In all these paintings I have put in depth and distance by using colors and perspective. When Braque and Picasso developed Cubism, the first technique was to ignore perspective, and many others have tryed to do the same by weighting colors as cultur and not nature. If you want a natural image use photo. Painting is culture.

More to come.

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