Saturday, February 27

5 weeks ago starting long term stay in Andalusia, Spain

It is still "Invierno" in southern Spain. When we arrived Andalusia five weeks ago the rain (lluvia) and heavy wind (viento fuerte) was hot on every TV-channel. Since mid December they had not experienced that kind of rainy weather for 60 years, and the waves became green or grey when meeting the normally white beaches at Torreblanca.

And it should only be worse during our stay.
Especially in the Cadiz Province and the municipality Jerez de la Frontera we could watch the flooding in streets and see land slides destroying the "Naranja" (orange) harvest.
The weather between Puerto Banus in south west and Malaga more north east along the Costa del Sol was not so bad, but trees fell down along the beautiful Paseo del Parque in Malaga city.
"Bad" weather was no obstacle for our daily return exercise along the 7.5 km Paseo Maritimo. Along the beaches from our apartment hotel close to Castillo Sohail to Torreblanca, we could watch artists creating sand sculptures which had to be maintained every morning due to the wind, rain and sea.
The waves (olas) meeting the Stream of Fuengirola River was often used by surfers, but many days the river brought with it lots of bamboo stocks and mud making surfing very dangerous.

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