Monday, February 8

Aspevågen in hard wind

The central part of the harbor basin in Ålesund; Aspevågen, Steinvågen and Buholmstranda, is heavily polluted according to environmental officials. The cod-fishing is suspended due to this and cod-fatigue facts, but tons of "Borgundfjording"-cod (Møretorsk) have been served for dinners in Ålesund as a Norwegian delicacy in many many years. When I was a boy my mother went down to the quay and asked for cod. The fishermen just threw a large fish to her, asked for her own weighting and took 1 NOK per kilo. That was then.
My paintings today are not about codfish, but weather at sea and in the city with all the troubles umbrellas can create over the bridge connecting Aspøy and Nørvøy.
Take some minutes, see the youtube-video and listen to my old friend Knut Maaseide singing about Aalesund city´s Golden Gate


Anne said...

Skal si du er i det produktive hjørnet Arne. Og ja, i kveld skal jeg fortelle deg om en av våre leger som sitter på et kontor å `kjæsse`med malng, nå jobb...., du som tiden flyt!

Anne said...
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