Thursday, February 18

Happy birthday Anne Katharina

When turning my direction from the fjords towards Ålesund and the coastline at Sunnmøre, I move over Strandafjellet and will today dedicate my paintings to a birthday lady.
Happy Birthday AnneKath.

Maybe you spend the day in the mountains inand skiing tracks at the beautiful valley east of Sykkylven, StraumgjerdeOr maybe you take a trip to your second residence at Skuleøya with the warm Jacuzzi where the sunset during midsummer can be expressed like this.
This painting ends my artistic tour from northwest Norway which I started on January, 22nd. Hope you have enjoyed the tour and learned something new when clicking on the links in the various posts.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Utrolig flott fargebruk Arne, nok en gang :-)