Saturday, February 20

Puerto Banus and Gibraltar

Wednesday my first visitor from GIBRALTAR found his or her way to my blog.
At the same time I had Tapas-lunch in Marbella. On Sunday we visited Puerto Banus, with the large Marina.
Although the weather in southern Spain has been challenging the last four weeks, with heavy wind and lots of rain (more than the last 70 years) the difference to the cold and snowy Oslo has been great to experience.
Gibraltar is a self-governing British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe at the entrance of the Mediterranean overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Flag of Gibraltar is an elongated banner of the Coat of arms of Gibraltar, granted by Royal Warrant Queen Isabella I of Castile on 10 July 1502.The flag was regularised in 1982 and is formed by two horizontal bands of white (top, double width) and red with a three-towered red castle in the centre of the white band; hanging from the castle gate is a gold key centred in the red band. The flag differs from that of other British overseas territories, in that it is not a British ensign. The castle does not resemble any in Gibraltar, but is supposed to represent the fortress of Gibraltar.

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