Tuesday, July 27

Engelsviken - End of the World or a Place to Visit

When Christopher Columbus started his voyage to the west in 1492 he probably did not know if they would come to the end of the world or to India. Maybe that is what they know at Engelsviken outside Fredrikstad in Norway. They have discovered the End.
The trafic sign is clear; "Slutt" or End is written for those without competence in car-driving.Yesterday we visited Bente and Per Arne in their cosy old house at Engelsviken. Thanks for a nice day, delicious food and excellent guiding around at this intriguing small village.
With the "Onsøy Bevis" (Evidence of being there) as my new cap, I could later return to Oslo with Herrings made with various taste and some books to read in addition to updated knowledge of this part of the Oslo Fjord.
From the website of Restaurant Engelsviken Brygge we can copy and translate:
The place Engelsviken has a history dating back to Viking times. It is said that the name Engelsviken comes from a farm with the same name. The name was given the farm by a man named Ingjald.
So at the very beginning Engelsviken was called Ingjaldvik.

In the late 1800's things happened that have helped to shape the Engelsviken we know today. In 1867, one of Engelviken´s great sons, Lars Andersen, began to trade fish with specialily on salted herring. His business evolved, both here and elsewhere.

During the 1900's his descendants established a fish canning factory, Engelsviken Preserving (1919) and Engelsviken Canning (1924). Today it is the fifth generation Andersen, Marianne Andersen Grand, which owns and operates the well-known company Engelsviken Canning Ltd.

At the same time Bjarne Skogen´s, fish trade was established. Today, Bjarne Skogen's two sons run the well-known company Skogen Brothers Fish Trade.
In 1995, the two decided to do something even more exciting out of the good fish food they produced, and opened a restaurant called Engelsviken Brygge.

The place Engelsviken is now more and more known as a holiday gem, but it is still the sea that characterizes Engelsviken and the industry here.
Engelsviken is a place of tradition, environment and atmosphere.
The old boat-houses are now converted to nice summerpaces not only for local fishermen, but tourists and public visitors.
However: If you are interested in real handycraft and hand-made outdoor furnitures (like the table below), Engelsviken has the potencial at reasonable prices.
The dimentions of this table was 110cm x 310cm. (Delivered at your home for 9000 nok inclusive the bench) Very interesting!

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