Wednesday, July 7

Last week for now

On April 18th I posted a photo of Asbjørn in his Jacuzzi with the yellow helmet we call "Sydvest". Monday morning this week I carried mine "Sydvest" when entering the Mediterranean Sea. Just for the fun of it.
The water in the jacuzzi was about 40C, but the sea down here must have been more than 25C. At least at the surface.
"Big boys" (and some girls) are cooling down in the pool with ball games.
Spain have an extreme weather situation during our stay this time too. When staying in February Andalusia had more rain than in 70 years. Now we are talking of heat above 45C at places like Sevilla and Cordoba. Here at the coast we experience daily temperatures around 35C. Only two grey days in 5 weeks.
Tullen is approaching the big waves at the beach.Passing the breakers it is lovely to ride on the top of waves. The only challenge is how to get ashore.
This time the tsunami caught her. I do not need to show you a photo of the wet hair and ripped-off bikini. Believe you, as we, remember the horrible Tsunami in Asia. The power of the sea-waves are tremendous. Blue energy?


9na said...

Å det ser deilig ut. Vi har faktisk 22 grader i vannet vi også men ikke like høye bølger :)Ha fortsatt god ferie da.

Mittelmeer Kreuzfahrten said...

Dude. What are you doin' in the mediteranian sea. Heard it was cold as hell.

I like your blog. The pictures are very authentic and not like "smile now" or "ok, let's do it again". Sorry to hear it's your last week.


Anne said...

Hærregud, hva gjør den sydvesten der??? Arne da :-)

Mittelmeer Kreuzfahrt said...

Hi Arne,
I really like your blog and the amazing pictures. Keep on going.