Monday, July 12

From Castle Beach to Tullarbo

From the hot pool area at Castle Beach (temp in pool water >30C) to "sombre-22C" at Tullarbo where Rikke and family are residents this summer. They are presently on a short visit to Helsinki, Finland, so we had a nice working day up there.
However, we commend Rikke and Tor for the way they have taken care of Tullarbo and the garden this summer. They are almost fully qualified to be "have-kolonister" på Solvang 4
The Petunia flowers on the veranda is overwhelming. Partly in shadow and given enough water.


Anne said...

Vel på plass igjen :-) godt det.

Send de blomsterpasserne hit nå!!

9na said...

Lekkert. Rett og slett. Frodig og herlig.

Anonymous said...



ArneA said...

Almost. We are only half the distance through a Garden Summer.
But we expect you to manage it all the way till September.