Thursday, July 22

Reaching summits

Today the riders in Tour du France reached the peak "Col du Tourmalet" at an altitude of 2115 m. The Summit was covered in fog but the TV cameras managed to give us the fight between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador.
Almost the same weather, but no TV and no bikes were present when we walked the mountains last two days. Sauvallsnatten at 1052 m was the goal on Tuesday. Wet and windy but Tullen, Ole and Sissel did enjoy the summit.200 m lower at "Gulsviksetrane" we could take a break in some better weather.
Wednesday we started for the mail goal, Høgevarde at 1459m
The climbing was hard. The track was almost like a natural ladder. Steep, steeper, steepest. From altitude about 900 meter to the summit 500 meter higher and 4km walking we used 2 hours.
Dense fog made the walking difficult, but thanks to the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)´s red Ts we found the path and reached the summit. Heavy wind (strong breeze?) and some light rain had no negative influence of the trackers. Happy and proud at the peak.
At the summit we could not see more than three meters ahead. On clear sky we have the possibility to see many peaks in southern Norway. This disk tells us in what direction to look. We have to return at Høgevarde another time to experience the view.
On the way down a break, some food and drinks was necessary for rehabilitation and sharing experience about walking in fog and almost get lost in the grey nature.
Well back in the "cottage" (or may be the mountain house) and after a shower, we could relax and look forward to dinner (roasted turkey with african sweet potatoes).Stine, was responsible the the well made dinner, and we wish her good luck when she within short will move to South Africa and Cape Town for her PhD studies the next three years.
Thanks for your hospitality, Sissel and Kittan. We will return to your cottage, mountains and friendliness later this year (hopefully)

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