Sunday, August 29

Card night at Solvang

Tullarbo has been left by human inhabitants for this season. Emil the cat, however, was not willing to move together with the other members of Maja´s family yesterday. He stayed the night hunting for some of the hundreds of Thrush birds ready to leave Norway for the season, made his visit to the cottage with a "mjau", took some dry food and left quickly again.We saw Emil a few seconds early this morning when we had breakfast at our stay-over after a Card Night together with Bitte and Terje at their cottage "Toppen".
Although I was ready to take the last round in the game, I ended last with this hand.
I also ended last overall in the Rummy tournament, but with good food and enough drinks I would say that a Saturday Card Night together with friends is something to go for again and again. And we will next time in October.

We play a variation of the Liverpool Rummy with only 5 rounds.

The requirements for each round of play are as follows:

* First - 2 sets (6 cards)
* Second - 1 set & 1 run (7 cards)
* Third - 2 runs (8 cards)
* Fourth - 3 sets (9 cards)
* Fifth - 2 sets & 1 run with no remaining cards in hand, no final discard

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