Tuesday, August 10

A week at Ålesund City, Fausa Valley and Flem´s Island

Back in Oslo after a week visiting the most beautiful part of Norway;
The North Western Costal Area.My birthplace, The Art Nouveau (a style of decorative art, architecture, and design prominent in western Europe and the U.S. from about 1890 until World War I and characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.) City, Ålesund. We stayed the first few days close to Fjellsetervannet, Sykkylven in a mountain cottage together with family members.Gerd and Arne´s cottage is an ordinary mountain cottage from the 80s and not at all equal to those mountain-palaces built the last 20 years. The "not so beautiful" disc or parabolic antenna for TV is almost the only modern equipment.
Just outside the cottage we find a small lake with water lilies and full of trouts. The fish are very willing to be caught and eaten for lunch or dinner. Arne J. is fishing in the lake early in the morning with mist on the peaks, as seen on the photo above.At the end of Fausadalen(or start if you arrive from the fjord at the east) we have the Brune farm. The fjord down-under is Storfjorden and on the coast at the other side, the village Stordal.
We found a steep path down to the Storfjorden (Great Fjord) and after ab. 260 m decrease in altitude down the hillside, we can visit the Fausa Powerplant.The path is zigzagging down to the fjord and gives a spectacular experience during the down-hill climbing.

The weekend we spent together with the "Old-bunch" at Asbjørn and Anne Katharina´s lovely place at Flem´s Island. The ferry was out of order so we had to leave the cars behind and use a speedboat over the water to Haramsøy - AustnesWhen arriving to the farm, good old friends gathered in beautiful weather (taken with us from Oslo) with good white wines (and reds later)Part of the weekend gathering was various activities and competitions like fishing, song writing and sculpture creating. Tullen caught the largest fish (a Pollack) in her first pole fishing exercise ever.Our team´s sculpture "The circle of Life" presented by Astrid was the winner in the performing art competition. The elements are all found by walking along the shore.
During the night the jacuzzi was intensively used and the water of 38C felt great in the chilly air in the very early morning.
Later on Sunday the cold seawater from the Norwegian Sea had to be tested for comparison. 15 C at the most.
In the days to come more documentiation from our journey to the west last week will be posted.

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