Friday, August 20

A glass of wine a day

New Norwegian research documents that a glass of wine a day makes you smarter, more aware and more concentrated. Women are most likely to benefit from drinking wine, according to the survey.It´s Friday and the possibility for us to be smarter by taking a glass of wine is pertinent for many of us. A nice stay at a restaurant or bar after work is not to run away for.
The University of Tromsø has tested 5,000 people for memory, concentration and how fast they performed mental tasks.
- Those who drank moderate amounts of wine were better on all cognitive tests than those who did not drink wine, "says Kjell Arne Arntzen at the University of Tromsø according to VG / Dagbladet.
Previous research suggests that moderate consumption of wine is good for the heart. Arntzen believes there may be a connection between this and the effect of wine on the brain.
- We have indications that wine prevents heart disease, which is related to dementia. In addition, wine contain substances that have a successful effect on the brain, such as antioxidants, "says Arntzen.
The survey shows that there were particularly large declines for women. Abstinent women did much worse on the tests than women who drank moderate amounts of wine.
Arntzen hopes that more research may provide answers to moderate wine-drinking can help also against Alzheimer's disease and dementia.We are prepared for the future challenges of aging here.


Anne said...

Æ kjæm!!

Car Magnets said...

Glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away!