Friday, August 27

Friday afternoon in Oslo

It´s Friday afternoon or almost evening before this blogpost is published.
Nevertheless, my experiences (or some of it) during this afternoon are worthy an information to you all.
Changing of the Royal guards (every day at 1.30 pm.) in front of the Royal Castle, is some Fridays´s most interesting events in our Capital. The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces is leading the procession up Karl Johan Street.
The young armed soliders are ready for their 24 hours watch guarding the Royal Castle, the King and Queen (if present).
If you have followed the High News Dagsrevyen at NRK1 this evening, you may have noticed the story about "Oslo Høyre" and their fight against the EU Data Retention Directive. The report was taped outside Oslo City Hall when we passed by on our way to Hannibal´s Hybel at Aker Brygge. The Data Retention Directive has sparked serious concerns from physicians, journalists, privacy and human right groups, unions, IT security firms and legal experts. My full support to saying NO to the directive.
But, before we could relax with a small drink, we had to go around some of RuneE´s friends. Young Seagulls begging for food in the streets. I cannot understand why Rune not has published a Gull since February. 21st, but better late than always. RUNE - Expect you to bring your camera to the fjords and ?????.
Have a nice Weekend all of you.

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