Thursday, April 5

10 years with Apple Mac

I have sometimes been alleged that I am involved in Apple / Mac´s PR activities or at least have some stocks in the Apple Inc (AAPL) Corporation.
I am not employed although I should have wanted that part of the $576.8 billion value of the corporation was mine.
It is almost 45 years since I started to work with IT (or EDP as we called it in the 1960s). First as a developer and later as a professional user within the HR area.

It is 10 years since I got my first Mac. My white IBook G3(back left) introduced me to modern laptops with OS X, photo processing and wireless operation.
Two years later I was so interested in photo manipulation that a larger screen became interesting, and my iMac G5 PowerPC desktop computer (back middle) arrived to my home.
After two more years I once more found out that a portable laptop was the only way ahead. My choice therefore became the 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo (back right)

The white IBook which my wife had used for many years, needed to be renewed and she got the MacBook Pro Unibody in 2010 (front left). That is still her main computer in addition to her iPhone 4S and the latest iPad 3 Wi-Fi 4G (front right).

I bought my MacBook Air (front center) last year after we returned from our longterm stay in Andalusia. My iPhone 4 replaced my iPhone 3G which now is lost somewhere in the Canaries.
I now wait for the iPhone 5

I forgot to put forward all the iPods (shuffle and nano), Airports and Apple-TV on the image, but feel that my museum is good enough for the decennium of loving Mac and Apple products.

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