Wednesday, April 25

5 years on FaceBook

In the beginning of April 2007 I wrote about Twitter in my blog. One of my blogfriends Rune Eide wrote as a comment "Dette må da være noe for deg:", and my daughter followed up with "facebook er stort sett knyttet opp i mot skoler og universiteter, nettverk for studenter/lærere/forelesere etc.". 
I followed up my interest for Twitter with another post on April 12th describing that Twitter was the "hottest" IT-product for the time being.

Two weeks later I signed up with FaceBook, and can today celebrate my 5th year anniversary as a member of this social medium. My FB-timeline shows very little of how I used this medium in the first years, and I believe that I was affected by the bad attitude to FB from "my generation", together with my heavy blog activity. 

Last year I started using FaceBook more active and was called "ungdoms-gamlis" by those who believed that FB only was for young people and that we 60+ had nothing to achieve by get friends here.
Then and today I advocate that everybody should be part of social media and wrote a blogpost about The Stream in February 2011. 

Now it is up to you to Dive into the Stream

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