Thursday, April 19

Missing my MacBook Air - Alternative eye-catching

 This afternoon I got my MacBook Air back after a few days extraordinary service with the professional staff at Eplehuset. I had to get a new top-case due to error in the shift function. Now it is working better than ever and my life is back to "normal". I have missed my computer during these days.
During this absence of my Air my time could have been replaced by watching the TV and the trial against the mass murderer of 22/7 last year, and I must tell that some time has been used this way. However, some time has also been used to look at the very interesting facade on the other side of the street from my house.
The beauty of the decorations recovered after the restoration and removal of old plaster on the building, tell me of how we built our houses before and around the millennial shift 1800/1900.
Take some time to look up when walking the street in Oslo (or other cities). There are many houses worth eye-catching in my neighborhood.

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