Monday, April 23

Passing 100.000 unique visitors

Occasionally I present some statistics describing my blog´s communication level.
I celebrated my 7th year as a Blogger in March, and have totally now posted 1619 more or less interesting blogposts.
I passed the 100K unique visitors together with the seven years milestone.

My visitors are spread around the world and come from 177 different countries.
When I started in 2007 my text was in Norwegian and almost everybody was from Norway.
Today almost 64 % of my visitors come from other countries.

I have lately more and more been active in FaceBook and Twitter (jumped into the Stream), and that has resulted in reduced contact with people through my blog. The blog-world is not yet dead, and I will still try to reach visitors around the world with text and images of my way of living.
Life is still Great.

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Anne said...

Tøft!! og gratulerer :-)