Wednesday, February 27

A nice day in Malaga

This morning we expected (according to weather forecast) blue sky, strong sunshine and possibility for some lazy hours at the pool. Instead we decided to take the train to Malaga.
First stop was a cafe with the roof almost covered with Ham or Jamon. Cafe Americano and a Croissant is my favorite at 12-a-clock.
After a day of shopping  and Tapas bar visits, we (as usual) ended up in the old Guard house for a small Malaga wine waiting for the train.
Arriving Fuengirola the weather had changed dramatically.
While in Malaga we could sit at nice outdoor cafes in sunshine and temperatures around 18C.
In Fuengirola the temperature was 12C and the wind very strong. Only the youngsters surfing seems to love the heavy waves.
The cold front could be seen as a sharp edge over Benalmadena. In the east and over Malaga the sky was blue and over Fuengirola the grey windy weather gave us the coldest day in 2013. Tomorrow we celebrate "El Dia de Andalusia".

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