Thursday, February 21

Visiting Audun Bell i Marbella

As usual Audun Bell (tx-Cor) and I (tx-Cor and tx-Renis) got together for a chat and some Cavas during our stay here in Costa del Sol. This time we met at Cappuccino Marbella Grand Cafe for lunch. Click at the link and be acquainted with this "hot" place in the western part of Marbella.
 We came to Marbella yesterday to see how the Winter Tapas Route took place. Between February 15th and 24th 62 bars and restaurants in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara should offer special prices for a tapa and a drink for only two euros. Our experience was that some of the bars with the "Ruta de la Tapa de Invierno" logo on the windows were either closed or did not promote it. The neighboring bars had even not heard about it. However the old city of Marbella is a beautiful place and especially now when the tourist season not yet has started.
The weather this Wednesday was beautiful and +21C. We could see Africa to the left and Gibraltar to the right from the restaurant as on this photo. We will return at least one day more during our stay.

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