Thursday, February 28

John John and Dia de Andalucia

At the hotel we see many people year after year. The Norwegians, Swedish and Scottish are people we see and small talk to almost every day. From Northern-Irland John John is a person that we have met at every long stay winter period since 2010.
We call him John John because there are several Johns in Myramar. John A is married to Ann, and John B is Norwegian with Bjarne as his second name (married to Karin).
I may have posted another photo of John John on St Patrick´s Day some years ago, but the green habit from that you have to find yourself in my history posts on March 17th. John John does not want me to copy that image once more, so you must accept this today-image instead
However, John John s not the only thing worth to be mentioned today.
After a horrible night with Rain, Storm, Thunder and Lightening, we decided to make a smooth walk in the chilly morning. Only +9 C when we started. But during the Day of Andalusia the temperature rose to 15C and we had really a nice day after all. We ended up at Restaurant Oasis in Carvajal (6,4km) before we returned home via La Farola and a lovely lunch for 11 Euros (gratinated Sole). A Thursday stroll of around 13km is acceptable.

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