Monday, February 18

An ordinary Sunday in Malaga

Living in Malaga (Fuengirola) for a long period, we have to do normal things every day.
Sunday activities in Norway would have been to take a stroll in Oslo or, at this part of the year, Skiing. (Tullen´s favorite)
Down here our walks along the coast is more natural, and yesterday a tour for seven hours was our ordinary Sunday stroll.

First we had to walk from the hotel to the train; 2, 34 km. Then relaxing at  the train to Los Alamos. Then down to the beach and continue to walk 3km to Torremolinos where we had an Americano.
From Torremolinos we walk slalom between thousands of people on the Carihuela Beach towards Benalmadena (5km), where we had a second break for the Sunday Cava and tapas Chorizzo.
From Benalmadena we use the buss services to Carvajal where we continue to walk another 3km to our Italian lunch location (Ramazzotti), before the next interval takes us to western Fuengirola and a last break for an Americano and Baileys.
Tullen is enjoying the warm climate in Benalmadena.
 I am beginning to feel the long distance in my legs on the Carvajal / Torreblanca beaches (still 5 km to hotel)
The last walk is from the beaches and back to the hotel were the Scandinavians are gathered in the ar for a Happy Hours drink.
Total walking distance this Sunday ended up in about 19km in 7 hours. An ordinary Sunday stroll :)

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