Monday, April 15

Annual survey of transplanted heart

Five years ago I published a blogpost describing the Annual process we heart transplanted people have to go through. Today I finished my 15th annual survey of my donated heart. The gift for life is still in operation and as good as it was 5 years ago.
The first image show an ultrasound screenshot of my heart when stated that it works in a pace producing 5.2 cardiac output.
This image gives the cardiologists a documentation of the flow through left coronary artery. Very good.
This third image is from the right coronary artery, with the same good flow.

On the photos you can also see the remaining wires after the operation used to bind together the sternum which was divided during the open surgery. The thin wires are the electrodes from my pacemaker replacing the AV-knot which is totally blocked in my new heart. The pacemaker-battery will live for over two years more.



RuneE said...

Skikkelig dokumentasjon :-)

Anne said...

<3 <3 <3 så glad en blir for god nyheter. Varmer mitt hjerte Arne!