Saturday, April 20

Herring in Aquavit

At Cafe Sorgenfri in Oslo one nice lunch dish is "Sorgenfri´s Akebrett"(Three kinds of herring served with Danish Rye bread plus garnish).
Yesterday I got extra service when the Chef made one of the three herrings as the new published Aquavit-Herring.
In Norwegian the recipe is:
5 danske sursildfileter 1 dl hvitvinseddik 3 dl vann 2dl sukker Hele pepperkorn 2 cl Simmers akevitt 2 gulrøtter 0.5 sellerirot 1 rødløk i ringer 5-6 rød delikatesse løk delt i fire
The process is described at Sorgenfri´s Blog

Something to plan for till next Christmas or maybe already for the 17th of May breakfast.

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