Tuesday, April 16

Prawn, Shrimp or Scampi for dinner

One of our favorite Tapas Bars in Malaga is named Pepa y Pepe where we can get boiled prawns almost like we do it in Norway:
The bar is located in a side street of Calle Marques de Larios (behind Stradivarius) in the historic center of Malaga. It is quite large and allows for sitting outdoors. It is quite famous for its seafood (mostly small fish), and traditional tapas from the coastal region. However all kind of tasty Tapas should be tried. They offer tapas (small portions), and semi-raciones and platas (these are larger portions). There is also another PyP bar in a street near by, but be sure to find the right one.
I had boiled prawns for dinner today. Due to my wife´s allergy to shellfish I have this kind of food when she is away, and a bowl like this is more than enough for me.

An artistic image of peeled prawns decorated with the original large shrimp.

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Anne said...

Har egentlig aldri kunne begripe at folk kam spise sånn?? en hel stor familie med sorte stikkende øyne som glor...