Friday, April 4

A Friday to Marbella and home

Normally we take one or more trips to Marbella during our long stay here in Andalucia/ Malaga. This Friday we took our first and probably only bus trip this spring to this perhaps more famous place than Fuengirola ay Costa del Sol.
(However Fuengirola has the prizes of Torremolinos and Quality of Marbella)

Today we planned to explore the walking area from Marbella to Puerto Banus. We wanted to find out if it was an easy trip walking along the Paseo
On the photo above we see Banus in the background when walking on the beach called Playa de Casablanca. I do not know the distance, but felt it was too long for my legs so soon after the problems last autumn.
Therefore we took a break or two on some of the benches along the Paseo, turned around after ab 2.5/3 km and returned to the Plaza de Naranjos after having Tapas (1Euro each) at one of the restaurants along the Paseo.
After that we returned to Fuengirola (bus leaves 17 min past every half hours) by the 220-bus.
Well back to our hotel Director Carlos C took this photo of Tullen and me outside The Old Pub.
A nice Friday and tomorrow it will be even more sunshine at the poolside. We start the last of our six weeks of our long spring stay at Myramar Fuengirola.

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