Friday, April 11

"Viernes de Dolores" (Passion Friday)

"Passion Friday" was a new understanding of the Friday before Jesus´  triumphal entry into Jerusalem. 
In Norway this Friday is always linked up to the traffic jam in roads, airports or railroads.

I do not know if we had some restrictions on this Friday, and being together with Spanish people, we did not experience any change in their behavior compared to other Fridays.
Here at one of our often visited Tapas Bodegas the Spanish people was shouting and drinking as usual.
Our late lunch this Friday became a fore-spiel of the traditional eating of lamb during Easter. The Leg of Lamb at restaurant La Farola is always a great experience, but today´s leg was remarkable good.
After our trip down town, a "cola Vino Blanco" at the Aqua Bar at Myramar made this Passion Friday  a different experience than Passion described in the gospels. However Feliz Semana Santa, Happy Easter or GOD PÅSKE to all my readers wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

Riktig god påske til deg og dine!
Besos Bente :-)